Harvest desires to give every person an opportunity to grow in maturity, leadership, Biblical knowledge and service. Harvest Advanced Leadership Training (HALT) encourages the gifts and abilities of each believer and seeks to provide opportunities of ministry in the church, as well as local and global outreaches.

HALT consists of two, 6-week sessions, beginning in the Fall and Winter, where study of the Scriptures, reading of essential leadership materials and LIFE Group practicum combine to instruct and develop each person as a disciple and leader.

HALT has two main objectives: to form the character of Christ in each student in order to reproduce it in others and to produce LIFE Group leaders. Students are actively involved in a LIFE Group as part of the HALT Class. Childcare provided for Tuesday night LIFE Group only.

*Registration is $35 (3 books + handouts).

Registration can be paid and materials collected at the Book Nook.