LIFE Groups

We are created for community and relationship. LIFE Groups at
Harvest help provide just that in opportunities for connection, growth
and encouragement beyond the Sunday morning experience.
LIFE Groups are offered during the week in homes, at Harvest and in
virtual online groups.

Discover Track

A series of four classes, offered quarterly through the year.



Harvest Advanced Leadership Training (HALT)

Harvest desires to give every person an opportunity to grow in maturity, leadership, Biblical knowledge and service. HALT encourages the gifts and abilities of each believer and seeks to provide opportunities of ministry in the church, as well as local and global outreaches.
HALT consists of two, 6-week sessions, beginning in the Fall and Winter, where study of the Scriptures, reading of essential leadership materials and LIFE Group practicum combine to instruct and develop each person as a disciple and leader.

Christian Voice School of Ministry (CVSOM)


Christian Voice School of Ministry exists to provide quality training and equipping for the body of Christ.
We have partnered with Christian Life School of Theology to bring the best Bible, theology, ministry, and leadership training resources.
The purpose of Christian Voice School of Ministry is to train and equip the body of Christ to be mature, effective ministers of the Kingdom of God. (Ephesians 4:12-16)

Water Baptism

Water Baptism is first a step of obedience in following after the example of Jesus’ baptism. Baptism is also a visible symbol of the inner work that has taken place in our hearts as we have confessed Jesus as Savior. By being immersed in water and raised out of it as well, a believer identifies with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedications are available each 4th Sunday of the month by request of the parents.


An Encounter is a divine appointment with God. It is time set apart from the everyday routines of life, giving an opportunity to focus on His voice and allow Him to do a reset in your heart and soul. It is marked by His presence, His power and His deliverance. When you encounter God, you are forever changed by the experience.
By setting apart this time, you are making yourself available to God, to cooperate with Him in whatever He wishes to do in your life. With an attitude of surrender and an open heart, you will experience love, forgiveness, joy and freedom like never before.

Men’s Encounter


Women’s Encounter


Ways to Serve


Servants of the House


Children’s Ministry


Media & Production


Other Ways to Serve