Marriage Enrichment 2024

2024 Marriage Enrichment Weekend

Similar to our Men’s and Women’s Encounter weekends, where we individually examine ourselves and are challenged to get closer to God, the Marriage Weekend is a time for you as a couple to examine your individual relationship with God, your relationship with each other and how God is a part of it all.  This weekend is for newly married and long time married, those with children and those with no children, and those with grandchildren. Please don’t think that this is a weekend for the “troubled” marriage; but rather ask yourself, regardless of the picture I paint for my friends, my family, my spouse and myself, is my marriage all that God desires it to be?  

Prayerfully consider attending the 2024 Marriage Weekend, October 11-12th, at The Crystal Coast Hotel. Registration opens June 23rd.

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Oct 11 - 12 2024


All Day