Caroline Gardner

Assistant Youth & Children’s Pastor

Name & Childhood Nickname: Caroline Nicole Gardner, Carolina Rose Bud & Snooty Bucket

Favorite quote: “Look at all those chickens” – vine

“When the light of Truth is revealed at the point of deception, the Light dispels the darkness and the deception is resolved and disappears. The culture changes” -Bill Zachman 

Favorite  movie: Elf 

Favorite Childhood Christmas present: Four Wheeler

Favorite scripture: “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him,” Job 13:15[a]

Favorite Bible character: Esther/ Deborah 

A place you would love to visit: Cancun or Scotland!

Favorite Hobbies: Sports, sports, sports. Watching, playing or coaching. Or board games!

Favorite Dessert: Hand dipped ice cream – all day, everyday!